Hi, I'm
Natasha Ngindi

a plus size black woman nutritionist in a blue shirt is holding a sandwich
a plus size black woman nutritionist in a blue shirt is holding a sandwich

I'm Natasha Ngindi, but you can call me Tash. I was born in South Africa, and I'm currently based in Toronto. I studied Nutrition Science at the University of Saskatchewan; and I'm a certified Zumba instructor and Nutritionist, specializing in non-diet nutrition.

I spent many years being a slave to diet culture, and never feeling like my body was good enough. No matter how much I tried to lose weight, it simply never stayed off.

After many years of failed weight-loss attempts, I finally hit rock bottom and I had to seek help from a nutrition professional. With lots of support and guidance, I was finally able to gain food freedom and learn how to truly love myself, and accept my body.

In 2017, I came up with the idea of ​​starting an Instagram page to share my intuitive eating journey, and not long after, I started working with my own clients to help them gain true food freedom and body peace as well. It was the best decision I could have made!

 Today, I am dedicated to spreading the good news about intuitive eating, body-acceptance, and the joy of engaging in enjoyable movement. I am also here to show you that you can be healthy at every size. I believe that we all deserve to live a fulfilling life, free of the pressures of diet culture.

I'm so thrilled you're here!

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Hearing your feedback and reading your comments brings me joy! Contact me if you have any questions, comments, information, or to request a quote. I will get back to you shortly.

Remember that you can also follow me on my social networks or send me an email at ngindi@thethicknutritionist.com.